Star Model 30CBD Hot Dog Roller Grill With Built-In Bun Drawer

Star Model 30CBDE Roller Grill With Built-In Bun Drawer with Chrome Rollers
Grill-Max Roller Grills w/ Built-In Bun Drawer Product Features: Holds 30 Hot Dogs and 32 buns, Measures 23 3/4" wide x 20 5/8" deep x 12 1/2" high 120 volts, 1150 watts
Infinite temperature controls provide more linear heat control for better performance.
Easy access control knobs provide sectional heating for front and rear rollers.
Colorful merchandising graphics to build impulse sales.
Sneeze guards are formed polycarbonate and meet health department requirements.
(Picture Shown is With Duratec Rollers)
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