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Walk-In Cooler / Freezer Shelving |

We no longer support Tournus Shelving. After looking it over, we feel and it is our opinion that it will not hold up under heavy use. If you get it with casters, it is a weak area and rolling heavy loads will tend to bend the leg where the caster fits into. This is Anodized Aluminum and true it cannot rust so to speak, but Aluminum can Oxidize which is the same as rust. They say it is fully adjustable, but only ever six inches. And if you want a shelf every six inches, you will have to buy and install the bolt supports. They say it is Hygienic which some people would think it means it has the antibacterial compound in it, but it does not. I guess they mean it is easy to clean. We are now looking for a replacement for this and will post it when we find a good one.

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