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Cecilware Fry Saver Model F150
Space Saving Design with casters
The only filtration System that doubles the life of the cooking oil
Keeps oil at peak quality - improves the taste of fried foods by removing contaminants greater than 3 microns
Processes 3 gallons of oil in 1 minute
Safe, Automatic, Reversible Pump - No pouring, spilling or spattering. Oil is pumped into the completely enclosed unit, thoroughly filtered, and at the flip of a switch pumped back, absolutely clean.
It does not require Diatomaceous Earth or other harsh chemicals that can leave residue in oil.
150 lbs./20 gal.Capacity, 17" diameter x 40"high
120V, 5.5A, 60 Cycles
Electrical: Motor hp. Body Construction: Stainless steel. Hose: Made to withstand 250-300F high temperatures of cooking oil. No chemical or diatomaceous earth needed.
Weight 120 lbs. Ships by Common Carrier
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