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Cecilware Countertop Induction Cookers Model IWC-25A

9 power settings, 5 hold/warm temperature settings, rotary knob control.
Wok pan included.
Schott Ceran glass is not used in wok unit.
Pan Recommendations: For best results, models IC-18A, 22A, 25A use 4.75 in - 10 in flat-bottom pan. WOK Pan: use 13.75 in multi-plywok pan.
All pots and pans should be made of the the following material: iron, cast iron, enamelware or stainless steel. In order for the cooker to work, the cookware must attract a magnet.
Nema plug: 120V 5-15P, 240V 6-15P
* Glass Dimensions: 12.75 in Diameter
* Dimensions: 15.125"W x 16.5625"D x 6"H
* Electrical: 240V, 2.5KW, 10.4A
* Ship Weight: 30 lbs
Features * Rotary Knob Temperature - 140 - 430 F.
* 5 Warming Temperature Settings - 140, 180, 285, 360, 430F.
* Type of Cooking Pan & Size - Use any metal pan that attracts magnets, such as steel or cast iron. Optimum pan size: 4" - 10".
* Compatibility Detector - Detects whether or not the pans material is suitable for the cooker.
* Automatic Safety Shutoff - A sensor will shut off the cooker after 60 seconds if a pan is not placed onto the cooking surface.
* Small Object Detector - The cooker will not recognize any objects smaller than 2".
* Overtime Detector - Cooker automatically shuts off if a pan is left on or has not operated for 2 hrs.
* Overheating Protection Device - If the pans temperature reaches 430F, and remains there for 60 seconds, the unit will shut off and automatically re-start once the pan cools down.