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Cecilware Countertop Induction Cookers Model IC-18A

9 power settings, 5 hold/warm temperature settings, rotary knob control.
Cecilware induction cookers combine high efficiency cooking with instantaneous heat adjustments. Induction cookers draw heat to the pan only so 85 90% of the electrical energy is used to cook. This portable cooker is perfect for front of the house work stations for creations such as omelets, stir fry, etc.
Free standing countertop cookers are available in flat or wok style. The control panel adjusts to precise temperatures very fast!
Schott Ceran glass is not used in wok unit.
Pan Recommendations:
For best results, models IC-18A, 22A, 25A use 4.75 in - 10 in flat-bottom pan. WOK Pan: use 13.75 in multi-plywok pan.
* Glass Dimensions: 10.75 in x 10.75 in
* Dimensions WxDxH: 13 in x 16.5 in x 4 in
* Electrical: 120V, 1.8KW, 15A
* Ship Weight: 16 lbs
Features * Rotary Knob Temperature - 140 - 430 F.
* 5 Warming Temperature Settings - 140, 180, 285, 360, 430F.
* Type of Cooking Pan & Size - Use any metal pan that attracts magnets, such as steel or cast iron. Optimum pan size: 4" - 10".
* Compatibility Detector - Detects whether or not the pans material is suitable for the cooker.
* Automatic Safety Shutoff - A sensor will shut off the cooker after 60 seconds if a pan is not placed onto the cooking surface.
* Small Object Detector - The cooker will not recognize any objects smaller than 2".
* Overtime Detector - Cooker automatically shuts off if a pan is left on or has not operated for 2 hrs.
* Overheating Protection Device - If the pans temperature reaches 430F, and remains there for 60 seconds, the unit will shut off and automatically re-start once the pan cools down.