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If you got here via SecoSelect; Please Ignore that link. We do not sell or represent Seco Select nor would we. They are using our name illegally and it is slandering our name. The company will put any name it seems even for SaniServ because their products are junk as well as their warranty is the worst in the industry and that is saying it lightly. Again, We have nothing to do with SecoSelect or SaniServ and if you buy any of there products, it is your problem. We have told them to remove our name but it will end up in court I am sure. We do not sell junk nor do we want to be associated with a factory that does.

We only sell Keating Fryers and Griddles. Both of these items plays an important role in a kitchen. All Keating fryers are made for high production. They will meet your demand and exceed your expectations making your job that much easier. If you buy a cheap fryer, you will not only cook slower, but put out a greasy product. Keating griddles save you time and money. They have the best chrome top and were the first to develop it. They clean much faster and do not heat up your kitchen like others. So you save in your AC in the summer as well as time in cleaning it all year long.. I have sold many Keating griddles and if I am replacing one, they generally are 25 years old or more. Also people who have used a Keating will not used any other brand. Keating is a quality tool and like in any trade, the best tools in the right hands work the best and make the job easier

Lowest Prices on All Keating products
Keating's new Griddle prices as of 1/1/2019
We do offer Air Freight on Keating World Wide or call 301-593-1234
We are Open 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm EST
DO NOT BUY Equipment solely by price. If it doesn't do the job you need it to do, you wasted your money. If a dealer does not ask how you are using a piece of equipment, don't buy it from them
Financing Available & Competitive Pricing
We will beat any advertised price on Keating Griddles or Fryers, from an Authorized Keating Dealer.

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